|2020-2022| Digital technology to enhance participatory processes and to involve younger audiences, migrants and communities with difficulties in accessing artistic and cultural heritage.

IMPROVISA – Life in motion is funded by the “Support for European cooperation projects 2020 EACEA-32-2019 – Small-scale cooperation projects” sub-program of the Creative Europe program.
For two years, ECCOM will collaborate with Documenta Creaciones Multimedia Avanzadas SL (Spain), coordinator of the project, the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens (Greece), Galeria Labirynt in Lublin (Poland) and the National Museum of Contemporary History (ΜNZS) in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
IMPROVISA explores new ways of involving audiences, in particular young people and communities with difficulties in accessing cultural heritage and artistic content, through the use of audiovisual and new technologies and with the collaboration of artists, museums and experts in audience development.
IMPROVISA seeks to promote the international mobility of artists, called to experience residences in the three cities involved (Athens, Ljubljana, Lublin) and a creative Co-Lab for the development of artistic activities, to be implemented in 72 workshops for audiences in the three participating museums. The project also provides for intersectoral mobility, promotion, knowledge enhancement and exchange between artists, museum professionals, ICT specialists and audience development experts.
Digital becomes a tool to explore and develop models of interaction and participatory artistic activities for the (re) interpretation of cultural heritage and the promotion of intercultural dialogue. In fact, in support of all activities, the IMPROVISA Mobile App consist of an intuitive and creative tool to bring audiences closer to improvisation through audiovisual and artistic interaction.

To learn more, visit the IMPROVISA Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Gruppo di lavoro

Cristina Da Milano

Project Manager

Maria Francesca


Giulia Carcani
Pascuala Migone

Partner di progetto

Museo Nazionale di Arte Contemporanea di Atene (EMST)
Galeria Labirynt
Museo Nazionale di Storia Contemporanea (ΜNZS) di Lubiana


Improvisa co-creative lab in Valencia


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