Tag: new generations

Digital technology to involve younger audiences, migrants and communities with difficulties in accessing artistic and cultural heritage.

Paths to strengthen skills, guide and support young people in their paths of social reintegration.

Photography, new media and digital communication in the training courses for young people in a situation of economic and social

The Mercati di Traiano renews the relationship with communities, broadens the experience of the public, explores new possibilities for interpreting

An intercultural training path, focused on exploring the potential of culture in the relationship with diversity.

An app that enriches the experience of the Paestum Archaeological Park and involves new audiences.

Through artistic languages, Green Routes encourages mechanisms for the re-appropriation of the environment by local communities.

Science museums and research centres committed to engaging potentially marginalized young and adult citizens in lifelong learning activities.

A network of professionals in the museum education sector to promote museums as tools for lifelong education.

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