An alternative state of consciousness to the “normal” or waking state in which the nature of music induces the most attentive listeners. Many cultures practice voluntary induction into an alteration of the “ordinary” state of consciousness through the repetition of melodic, rhythmic formulas that underlie the musical practice, whether aimed at work songs – whose […]

Is an emotion invented by the writer David Foster Wallace to describe the discomfort that one feels in leaving something open for interpretation by others. It indicates the almost phobic reactivity in the face of the ambiguity created by the many definitions or interpretations used for a single concept and which end up being redundant

Compared with the previous concepts, following a logical order, this is a rather a general reflection. It is an oxymoron that Taoistically composes a whole, a combination which is present in many, perhaps all of us, most notably those fleeing their own country due to persecution. Their courage in leaving home is as formidable as

Art is the common language to bring differences together. In the “common space” of the museum – by definition, a protected environment –all potentially excluded publics find acceptance and the possibility of engaging in experiences of narration in the presence of the regular museum public. This is how the museum fits positively into the difficult

If it is in fact true that the Convention stipulates the value of the link between heritage and community, this does not help us overcome the dichotomous view of “us” and “others” if the community perceives itself as a closed, immobile, or barely permeable system. The only way to demonstrate and affirm the procedural, inclusive

Defined by Jerome Clifford in 1997 as places for exchange and the development of new relations based on mutual recognition.

The process of appreciating the value of cultural heritage involves: the type of value: use, non-use, existence, bequest and option; economic and noneconomic, market and non-market, tangible and intangible, etc.; The subject that carries out the assessment: individuals (users-non-proprietors, usersproprietors, proprietors-non-users, non-users and non-proprietors) or groups (informal communities, networks, associations and foundations, etc.); this subject

Strongly connected with the previous concept, diversity is an emergent feature of life, without which evolution would not have occurred. Maybe these difficult times will come to an end when “interculture” is no longer a word, a definition, but a full-fledged process; “interculture” will be the norm, and normality does not need any special description.

Is a concept we borrow from ecology in order to describe the features of the areas where two different ecosystems meet, and a third one is born with new characteristics. For example, when the desert meets the savannah in Africa, or when the fresh waters of the Amazon mix with the Atlantic Ocean’s salt water,

In an increasingly arid and less and less human world, we must find the strength to direct our gaze towards others, and rediscover emotional intelligence and the ability to empathise. In an historic moment in which we are used to reacting by judging and accusing, we must find curiosity and understanding about what surrounds us.

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