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A focus on Rome, Barcelona and Berlin to facilitate the involvement of the most vulnerable communities and their social and

Digital technology to involve younger audiences, migrants and communities with difficulties in accessing artistic and cultural heritage.

To preserve and transmit, through arts and culture, birth and maternity traditional knowledge and practices as part of European intangible

A cooperation project between artists, theaters, festivals and cultural organizations to support contemporary dramaturgy in Europe.

A cooperation project on live video performances, involving 13 festivals in Europe.

The cultural participation of migrants is connected to the improvement of the capacities of local cultural institutions to manage cultural

The promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the analysis of gender policies in the European cultural sector.

A project for sharing best practices to involve socially and economically marginalized groups in informal learning programs.

An analysis of the tax regime of cultural organizations and artists in Latin America.

A network of professionals in the museum education sector to promote museums as tools for lifelong education.

An analysis of the contribution that volunteering can offer to heritage management in a logic of active citizenship.

New learning opportunities for adult museum audiences, with particular attention to disadvantaged people.

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