ECCOM conducts multidisciplinary studies; provides consultancy and technical-scientific assistance in the cultural sector; offers project design support in various fields, such as professional and school training; develops monitoring and evaluation tools for projects led by public and private entities, and works towards the promotion of cultural heritage, territories and places of culture.
ECCOM develops management, marketing and communication plans and feasibility studies relating to sites, programs and cultural investments; builds audience development strategies; carries out interventions and practices for intercultural dialogue; and employs the resources of cultural heritage in the processes of continuous learning and social inclusion.

Studies And Research

ECCOM focuses its study and research activity on the cultural and social sectors, often in collaboration with universities and other institutions. This expertise responds to the needs of public and private actors who want to deepen or update the state of the territorial realities in which they operate and implement the most appropriate management methods. Given that research and analysis are fundamental tools for any strategy or policy in the cultural field, ECCOM offers extensive experience and expertise of multidisciplinary research methods and a highly-skilled team of scholars and professionals.
ECCOM supports public and private entities in the planning and management of complex cultural projects and in the design and implementation of socio-cultural policies and management plans. ECCOM also provides assistance in the design of long-term marketing and communication plans. With over twenty years of knowledge of the dynamics of the cultural system, its real and potential audiences and its communities, ECCOM delivers high-level support in the form of strategic actions, interventions and tools according to the needs of the various organizations with which it works. ECCOM is a well-regarded institution for specialized technical assistance among those who work in the Italian and international cultural sphere.

Consultancy and
Technical Assistance


ECCOM is engaged in training and professional development projects in the cultural sector, focusing on professional changes and good practices in the cultural arena. ECCOM's works towards building a strong network of active professionals in the cultural field by establishing in-depth dialogues which are nurtured over time. The organization provides the expertise of international specialists and scholars, many of which have taught at multidisciplinary postgraduate programs in related topics. ECCOM is an interlocutor for the design and implementation of workshops, seminars, conferences and experimental trainings. These activities can strengthen knowledge and management of socio-cultural dynamics, and open the space for reflection and dialogue in the various areas of culture, the development of cultural skills, and personal and community empowerment.
Project design has always been one of ECCOM’s main strengths: since its foundation, it has developed European projects, created national and international partnerships in the cultural sector and provided design assistance to third parties. ECCOM is constantly employing a sustainability angle to the actions implemented. For ECCOM, design plays a key part in identifying financial resources for culture and education from a wide range of entities -including the European Union and other public and private institutions- and in ensuring that projects have a lasting impact over time. In this way, ECCOM considers the strategic priorities and elements capable of maximizing the socio-cultural value of a project; identifies an idea’s opportunities for growth and it is concerned with identifying the development potential of heritages, territories and communities.

Project Design

Promotion of cultural heritage

ECCOM assists public and private entities in organizing resources, structures and skills for the enhancement of cultural heritage, from the design of individual initiatives to the conception of complex processes, capable of activating long-term socio-cultural development. ECCOM has well-founded skills and experience to identify the opportunities for support offered at a local and international level and to deliver within the complex national and community regulatory framework. ECCOM's interventions aim to bring out the values ​​and potential of different cultural heritages, to promote their knowledge and conservation and to improve their use, in a perspective of social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability. To this end, ECCOM develops capacity-building actions that involve communities in an active and participatory role for the enhancement of the social capital deriving from cultural heritage.
ECCOM carries out monitoring activities of audiences and communities and assessment and reporting of the socio-economic impact of cultural actions and processes within and for the cultural system. ECCOM deems it essential to know the outcomes and repercussions that cultural processes and policies have on the cultural sector, on cultural heritages and on the communities and territories involved, in order to have tools and analyses that allow to direct political and social choices in an effective way. It also believes that sharing projects, policies and investments with the communities allows to strengthen dialogue and awareness within the territories and to recognize their value.

Monitoring And

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