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Improvisa co-creative lab in Valencia

about Improvisa co-creative lab in Valencia

Improvisa’s partners and artists meet in Valencia for a co-design workshop to elaborate, together with professionals from the cultural sector, developers and audience development experts, proposals for the interactive workshops that artists Claudio Beorchia, Smaragda Nitsopoulou, Ema Ferrerira and Paul Wiersbinski will hold over the course of residences in Greece, Poland and Slovenia. The co-creative lab in Valencia is also an opportunity for discussion over the first version of the Improvisa app – developed by MyDocumenta – which aims to make the experience with culture and cultural heritage an interactive and reciprocal exchange between observer/public and art/content. During the artist residencies at EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (Athens), Muzej novejše zgodovine Slovenije (Ljubljana), and Galeria Labyrint (Lublin), the artists will design workshops where they will explore together with the public new types of participatory interaction to reinterpret the cultural heritage and facilitate access to culture also through the use of the app.

To learn more, visit the IMPROVISA Facebook page and Instagram account.

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