Is a concept we borrow from ecology in order to describe the features of the areas where two different ecosystems meet, and a third one is born with new characteristics. For example, when the desert meets the savannah in Africa, or when the fresh waters of the Amazon mix with the Atlantic Ocean’s salt water, …

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In an increasingly arid and less and less human world, we must find the strength to direct our gaze towards others, and rediscover emotional intelligence and the ability to empathise. In an historic moment in which we are used to reacting by judging and accusing, we must find curiosity and understanding about what surrounds us.


Evaluation is always conditioned by the subjects who conduct it, and who put themselves (or are placed, even against their will), in a situation of choice and decision. It is therefore precisely these decision-making situations that determine the value and utility and thus they influence evaluation, choice and decision.It is in this way that individual …

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