Is the discipline that relates to the art of the simultaneous combination of different sounds. Using a choir to bring together individuals of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities is the easiest and most immediate way to open communication channels between these people. It is essentially a biological fact that the vibrating vocal cords, due to …

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Hierarchical distance can be defined as the area in which people who have less power in an organization and in a country are willing to accept that power is unequally distributed. In cultures where hierarchical distance is small, it is common opinion that inequalities between people should be minimal, parents treat children as equals, teachers …



This concept is felt very strongly by everyone. As soon as you leave your motherland, you miss it and perceive the strength of your attachment. This bond is crucial, as it creates a sense of belonging, of having strong roots, of feeling safe and connected with your own people. Not only does the land belong …

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