Rob Redfield, in the 1957 conference “The universally human and the culturally variable”, provided a tool, that is still useful today, for reading how culture is stratified over time and how it can inform different levels. The Redfield strategy is actually very useful for distinguishing the ways in which we can think about culture, and …

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It means the use of art to provide the tools with which to make positive changes in your life. It is a poetic expression, behind which emerges a real methodology– to produce significant changes starting from a particular artistic inclination. Dance, music, photography, theatre, painting are the tools to open up and stimulate imagination and …


PERCUSSION (drum set)

A set of percussion instruments created with the establishment of Afro American music, in particular with jazz and with the characteristically African feature of organising polyrhythmic elements. The drum set allows a single player to simultaneously use a wide range of percussive instruments. The drum set, an unmistakable instrument often used by many in an …

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This metaphor challenges the notion of the organic diffusion from a homogeneous centre of a line of thought and action. A light beam itself, going through the different prisms, creates different refractions of light: if we want to obtain the same refraction, we need to rectify the individual prisms in order to change the rake …



A quality that distinguishes one sound from another based on its frequency. On a global level, the organisation of sounds according to specific rhythms and pitches produces sound effects (melodies) that are very often useful for intercultural communication. This is achieved thanks to the undoubted psychological power of sounds that manage to produce universally understandable …

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A simultaneous set of multiple sequences of combined sounds that manage to maintain their distinct individuality. Closely related to the aforementioned meaning of harmony, polyphony contrasts the verticality of harmonic signifiers with the horizontality of melody, so it must make careful use of rhythm, pitch and metric, thus reinforcing the cohesion between people.


The simultaneous use of different rhythms in the sounds of a composition. Certainly present within polyphonic expressions, it is a central element in popular music and in particular carries specific importance in African music, often being identified with it.

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