The added value given by intercultural planning is that of being able to create a third space in which all the subjectivities involved can be transformed through the encounter. Rather than continually thematise identity, difference, and making intercultural practice a mirror upon which “interculture” is reflected, co-planning can actually be the moment of creation for …

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The quality of sound that allows you to recognise the source. It is quite possible to establish a dialogue between cultures even starting from timbre. It is in fact clear that the timbre of membranophonic instruments for example is or can be transformed into a common ground from which to begin communication.


It can be understood as one of the many opposites of fear, a dangerously widespread attitude in our society. Instrumentalising fear is easy because it is composed of a myriad of different facets: fear of the foreigner, fear of terrorism, fear of the economic crisis, fear of every unknown man when I walk alone at …

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