Evaluation is always conditioned by the subjects who conduct it, and who put themselves (or are placed, even against their will), in a situation of choice and decision. It is therefore precisely these decision-making situations that determine the value and utility and thus they influence evaluation, choice and decision.It is in this way that individual …

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It is an emotion that brings together compassion, sadness and love. It is the sentiment felt for people in need, which drives us to take care of them. Fago, for the Ifaluk, a population of the Caroline Islands of the Pacific, means emotional understanding. Fago emerges when our love for others, their need for us, …

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Reflecting on “interculture” means first of all reflecting on one’s attitude towards the world and its complexity. If at the beginning of our journey we accept diversity as a “fact,” as a fundamental character of contemporary societies, the more mature our “intercultural” awareness will be, and the more we will learn to appreciate it and …

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The “spirit of the place”. Feeling homesick often makes people want to recreate a place of their own in a different land, looking for that lost genius loci.


Is the discipline that relates to the art of the simultaneous combination of different sounds. Using a choir to bring together individuals of different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities is the easiest and most immediate way to open communication channels between these people. It is essentially a biological fact that the vibrating vocal cords, due to …

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Hierarchical distance can be defined as the area in which people who have less power in an organization and in a country are willing to accept that power is unequally distributed. In cultures where hierarchical distance is small, it is common opinion that inequalities between people should be minimal, parents treat children as equals, teachers …



This concept is felt very strongly by everyone. As soon as you leave your motherland, you miss it and perceive the strength of your attachment. This bond is crucial, as it creates a sense of belonging, of having strong roots, of feeling safe and connected with your own people. Not only does the land belong …

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This dimension, the least analysed at the international level, measures the importance that satisfaction of immediate needs has in a given culture, compared to the social norms that control the behaviour of its members. Perhaps it is useless to point out that this scheme does not take into account the single processes of individuals, who …


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