|2013-2015| The promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the analysis of gender policies in the European cultural sector and the role of women’s museums.

Within She-Culture, artistic creativity and collective memory are tools for the strengthening of gender identity. For this reason, the project analyses the degree of support and visibility European cultural policies recognize to women as protagonists of arts and culture, education and continuing training dedicated to women.
The analysis also focuses on the cultural policies of the project partners’ countries – Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Albania – characterized by sensitivity and attention to the issue of gender identity.
She-Culture supports the strategic role of museums in gender policies, through the creation of spaces of culture and of opportunities for participation, sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences and skills between different generations and cultures.
Some project partners are women’s museums – the Merano Women’s Museum (Italy), the Center de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison (Spain), the Kvinnemuseet (Norway), the Kvinnemuseet (Denmark) and the Muzeu i Grave (Albania) -, which constitute a privileged observatory to analyse how the interaction between cultural and gender planning is able to produce social value, not only in strictly artistic and historical terms, but also in terms of social cohesion and inclusion, of lifelong and lifedeep learning.
From the analysis of the role of women’s museums, She-Culture expands observation to the relationship between museums and women, with particular reference to female creativity in contemporary art museums and in the graphics sector.
The project also included the creation of a campaign on the topic of the “genderization” of toys, supported through the dissemination of videos made by five young contemporary artists.

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Working group

Cristina Da Milano

Project Manager

Maria Francesca Guida
Annalisa Cicerchia

Project partner

Museo delle Donne Merano
Fundacio Interarts per a la Cooperacio Cultural Internacional
Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison
Muzeum I Grave



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