|2013–2015| The cultural participation of migrants is connected to the improvement of the capacities of local cultural public institutions to manage cultural diversity.

MCP BROKER‘s central task is to improve the ability of cultural institutions to ensure intercultural integration and the involvement of host communities in interacting with migrants, and in the awareness that they are symbolic arenas for improving the management of diversity.
In addition to ECCOM (Italy), the project counts with the participation of Interarts Foundation (Spain), Intercult (Sweden), Educult (Austria) and Culture Action Europe (Belgium).
MCP BROKER traces the potential path of an organization that, from a basic level of cultural diversity management, goes through two intermediate levels up to an advanced one, acquiring the ability to fully represent the diversity of society and to promote intercultural participation. For each level, benchmarks are defined according to six different areas: audiences / relations with visitors, programming / collections, partners / collaborations for programming, staff, members of the board, suppliers.
The development of this benchmarking tool is based on a first study elaborated by PIE (Platform for Intercultural Europe), in collaboration with the Migration Policy Group.
A pilot research involves cultural institutions from Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden, countries that share important challenges regarding the integration of third-country citizens. Key members within the selected institutions are interviewed and critical issues and needs are identified. The results of the study allow the classification of the institutions involved (ICP), which receive comparative feedback and indications for development, in addition to the proposal of learning partnerships which aim to standardize the sector on the methods for the promotion of integration.
Four forms of partnership are envisaged: between the ICPs that in their field are already at an advanced level in terms of diversity management and similar institutions interested in following their example, with the aim of disseminating good practices; between ICPs and non-governmental organizations founded on autonomous migrant organizations that promote artists from third countries residing in the EU and thet promote the cultural participation of migrants; between ICPs and employment agencies, with the aim of developing strategies for staff diversification; between ICPs and schools with a high percentage of migrant population.
MCP – Brokering migrants’ cultural participation was selected by the Lazio Region among the “Best cultural practices 2016” to be disseminated in the use of cultural resources.

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