Music, like verbal language delivers its own signs by means of sound substance. In the acoustic continuum (the set of all possible and audible sounds 16-20Hz/16000-20000Hz) music, like language, cuts out a limited range of phonemes which, taken in isolation, are not significant. Only from their aggregation do they develop discursively along the linear axis of the succession, giving rise to pronounced sequences that, not by chance, are called phrases both in music and in linguistics. We call music the art of the muses, or the organisation of sound according to pre-established parameters of rhythm, pitch, intensity and timbre. And it is precisely through the careful organisation of music that important moments of intercultural communication can be established. Biology and recent DNA research indicating that the entire human race comes from Africa have amply demonstrated the solid intercultural foundation of music and its primordial components. For many, musical language is considered to have the greatest communicative force, which is absolutely fundamental for generating healthy social cohesion.

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