Tag: Studies and research

An audience development strategy to improve public involvement in the activities of the House of European History.

Contemporary visual art as a shared language to reflect on the colonial past and its impact on the creation of

MEMEX employs digital technology to engage communities at risk of exclusion from European cultural and social life.

Digital tools offer a new boost to puppet shows.

A study of audience development policies collecting paradigmatic experiences in Europe.

A cooperation project on live video performances, involving 13 festivals in Europe.

Research and training activities on the principles of the sharing economy applied to the cultural system.

The cultural participation of migrants is connected to the improvement of the capacities of local cultural institutions to manage cultural

The promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue through the analysis of gender policies in the European cultural sector.

Training course dedicated to museum mediators/educators: communication, management of heritage education and training activities addressed to the public.

Science museums and research centres committed to engaging potentially marginalized young and adult citizens in lifelong learning activities.

A research to identify new ways of developing the creative industries and enhancing the Andalusian cultural heritage.

A plan for the promotion of the cultural heritage of the archaeological area of Hampi.

An analysis of the tax regime of cultural organizations and artists in Latin America.

An analysis of the contribution that volunteering can offer to heritage management in a logic of active citizenship.

A project to promote the training of staff who deal with adult education in museums.

The tourist-cultural resources of the historic center of Quito are the subject of a recovery and enhancement plan.

New learning opportunities for adult museum audiences, with particular attention to disadvantaged people.

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