|2012-2014| The project brings together science museums and research centres in Europe committed to engaging potentially marginalized young and adult citizens in lifelong learning activities.

DIAMOND – Dialoguing Museums for a new Cultural Democracy was created with the aim of providing a research contribution to overcoming the cultural barriers that prevent the use of heritage by potentially excluded citizens.
The project questions the social role of museums and the strategies for involving non-traditional audiences and recognizes the broad potential of digital storytelling to support the inclusive role of culture and museums, as well as a tool for assessing the social impact that the activities carried out in cultural institutions can have on citizens.
Hence the choice of connecting scientific museums and research centres in Italy, Romania and Spain to experiment with digital storytelling as a narrative technique suitable for reaching traditionally marginalized and disadvantaged audiences.
Museum and social mediators are involved in training courses that aim to bring the public closer to the use of new technologies for museum storytelling.
DIAMOND also takes the form of pilot projects in the various partner museums -Civic Museum of Zoology in Rome (Italy), “Grigore Antipa” National Museum of Natural History in Bucharest (Romania), “Ion Borcea” Museum of Natural Sciences in Bacau (Romania), Museum of Natural Sciences of Valencia (Spain)- aimed at groups of adults coming from different situations but who share characteristics of social marginality.
The results of the project converge in a manual in 4 languages and become the theme of a Grundtvig training course aimed at 20 professionals in the museum/ social sector.
The project was selected by the Lazio Region among the “2016 Good Cultural Practices” to be disseminated for the use of cultural resources.


Lifelong Learning Programme


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Cristina Da Milano
Elisabetta Falchetti

Partner di progetto

Ion Borcea - Museo di Scienze Naturali di Bacau
Museo Nazionale di Storia Naturale di Bucarest "Grigore Antipa"
Museo de Ciencias Naturales Valencia



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