|2019-2021| Contemporary visual art as a shared language to tell the colonial past and reflect on its impact on the creation of European cultural heritage and identities.

Contested Desires is a transnational platform for discussion, training and artistic production that investigates, through contemporary visual art, the reverberations of colonial and occupation histories on the construction of cultural heritage and European identity. It involves artists, producers, curators and professionals in exploring the role of the arts, culture and heritage in spreading a true awareness of the impact that the colonial past has in defining who we are.
The project connects some innovative artistic realities of the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Barbados and Italy to reflect on the symbolic value of art in the public space and on the power of artists to tell even contested stories.
Contested Desires promotes intercultural dialogue, international connections and development opportunities for artists and cultural operators through residency and exchange programs and through the production and presentation of new works in site-specific and online contexts.
With the writer and researcher François Matarasso, ECCOM develops an integrated path of capacity building and evaluation.
The project is funded by the Creative Europe Program and is supported by a partnership of organizations spanning spaces for residences, producers, festivals, sectoral support and research, each working in unique and inspiring contexts of colonialism, annexation and occupation.

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Creative Europe Programme


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Gruppo di lavoro

Cristina Da Milano

Project Manager

François Materasso
Stefania Crobe
Pascuala Migone
Maria Francesca


Partner di progetto

D6 | Culture in Transit
LAC - Creative Activities Lab
Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison
Fresh Milk


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