|2018-2019| An intercultural training path for operators of Italian cultural institutions, focused on exploring the potential of culture in the relationship with diversity.

Fifteen operators from Italian cultural institutions -such as museums, libraries and theatres- and ten migrant and refugee artists and cultural operators work together for a year, in Rome, in a 200-hour training workshop on the theme of intercultural exchange and planning. This, with the aim of strengthening and expanding intercultural skills and practices on the Italian territory where, with increasing intensity, different ethnic groups and cultures meet and confront each other. The project promotes the exchange and sharing of good practices, in order to improve the ability of places of culture to stimulate integration, support the cultural participation of migrants and intercultural projects.
Art Clicks embraces research and training and experiments with cultural activities in a multicultural operational context, directly and indirectly involving around 20,000 people.
The project creates the “Intercultural Dictionary”, for operators in the sector engaged in promoting an inter / multicultural dialogue. Edited by Cristina Da Milano, Elisabetta Falchetti and Maria Francesca Guida, the document collects reflections and contributions from the participants; from A to Z, each letter of the alphabet corresponding to an intercultural word.
Four pilot projects are also born from Art Clicks: Il mio Correr, Playground, Guardo in alto, Bolzano e la sua utopia del possibile: participatory paths aimed at experimenting innovative approaches, methodologies and tools to encourage the encounter and coexistence of different communities.
With My Correr, new citizens of different nationalities and cultures are involved as active participants in the Correr museum in Venice, being encouraged to produce narratives on the collection and to reinterpret artworks with new meanings.
Playground is a reflection on the use of public space and the social practices connected to it, which sees play as an intercultural meeting point, an opportunity for interaction, relationship and dialogue.
I look up encourages Roman and migrant children to think of art as a relational space and a means of training and inclusion.
Bolzano  and its utopia of the possible is a shared reflection on the concept of origin, which involves high schools and places of culture in the province of Bolzano. An invitation to search for one’s roots through stories, legends and myths, and recompose them in a multilingual and multicultural social context.
For this project, the ECCOM team was enriched by the collaboration of Annalisa Cicerchia, Marta Morelli and Stefania Vannini from MAXXI.
Among the interventions: Simona Bodo, Maria Grazia Panigada, Vito Lattanzi, Roberto Gandini, Yves Legal, Rosanna Di Lella, Monica Celi, Attilio Di Sanza and others.
ArtClicks is part of the Italian calendar of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and has the patronage of MiBACT – MigrArti Project and Roma Capitale – Department of Cultural Growth of Citizens.

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