|2015-2016| A study of audience development policies collecting paradigmatic experiences in Europe.

ECCOM, together with Fondazione Fitzcarraldo (Italy), Culture Action Europe (Belgium) and Intercult (Sweden), conducts a study on policies for the expansion of audiences and the involvement of new audiences, for the Creative Europe program.
A delicate and complex activity that cultural operators are encouraged to develop, to promote a sustainable cultural production and to bring culture closer to society and communities that have contributed to creating it.
The preliminary objective of the study is to provide an extensive bibliographic review and a solid definition of key concepts, such as those of access to culture, audience development, audience engagement and active participation. Attention is then turned to the analysis of paradigmatic experiences at European level, led by cultural organizations that have chosen to put the public at the centre of their vision. The study is a collection of successful approaches and processes of audience development, and a reference for the elaboration of the selection criteria for the calls of the Creative Europe program.
The publication “Audience development: putting the public at the center of cultural organizations” by Cristina Da Milano and Alessandra Gariboldi (Franco Angeli) collects the results of the research commissioned by the European Commission.

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