|2019-2022| Funded by the Horizon2020 EU programme, MEMEX employs digital technology to engage communities at risk of exclusion from European cultural and social life.

MEMEX promotes social inclusion and cohesion through cultural heritage narratives, bringing together socially fragile communities that are systematically distant from cultural opportunities and resources that are fundamental for integration. In particular, MEMEX’s inclusive actions focus on migrant women in Barcelona; on the citizens of the 19th district of Paris, which hosts the largest immigrant community in the city; and on first, second and third-generation Portuguese migrants living in Lisbon.
MEMEX’s goal is to develop relationship strategies with these audiences, intercept their needs and study the most effective ways to encourage their participation in social life. Storytelling becomes an opportunity for the expression and recognition of cultural diversity, as well as for contact between the subject being told and the socio-cultural context in which the narration comes to life.
Digital plays a fundamental role in MEMEX: it is a smartphone app that allows users to create and view stories in which personal memories and experiences intertwine with the places and heritage that surround them. The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) Foundation, together with the Interactive Technology Institute – LARSyS (Portugal) and Noho Limited (Ireland), are involved in the design and development of ICT tools, allowing MEMEX to give life to new ways of interacting with heritage. Michael Culture Association (Belgium) takes care of the digitization of European cultural heritage, in preparation for its dialogue with new audiences.
The consortium also includes EY Advisory S.p.a. (Italy), Interarts (Spain) and Mapas das Ideias (Portugal).
For MEMEX, ECCOM takes care of the social impact evaluation, the training of partners on the methodology of digital storytelling and the definition of audience development strategies.

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Gruppo di lavoro

Cristina Da Milano

Project Manager

Pascuala Migone
Elisabetta Falchetti
Maria Francesca


Giulia Carcani
Gianluca Petrillo

Partner di progetto

Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Michael Culture Association
Interactive Technologies Institute - LARSyS (ITI)
Nòho Limited
EY Advisory SpA
Fundacio Interarts per a la Cooperacio Cultural Internacional



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