|2018-2020| Digital tools offer a new boost to puppet shows: from construction to the involvement of the public, from promotion to diffusion of contemporary puppetry.

Technological innovation and digital tools represent an opportunity for renewal and rebirth of puppet theatre in Europe. This is the idea behind InEuPUP, a project funded by the Creative Europe Program which brings together public and private institutions from France, Bulgaria and Italy in a shared reflection on the possible evolution of the sector.
The project stems from the reflection stimulated by the show Le Petit Théatre du Bout du Monde Opus II, the latest creation by Ezequiel Garcia Romeu of the Théâtre de la Massue: both an installation of contemporary puppets and a transmedia creation combining the art of puppetry and videogames. While spectators immerse themselves in the show and discover the handcrafted world of the puppet, in a video game dedicated to the artistic project the players influence the course of the narrative and become actors in the play.
InEuPUP supports the creation of a digital catalog of puppets, as a place for consultation and sharing of knowledge for and among puppet theatre professionals. A virtual space for the archiving of artistic work and the promotion of aesthetic universes in the European panorama, a tool to communicate with other professionals in the sector and to share know-how on the materials that can be used in the construction of puppets, on new manipulation techniques, on 3D printing of parts or whole puppets, etc.
InEuPUP also encourages reflection through a training course aimed at operators in the theatre sector, dedicated to the use of new technologies in the creation of puppets. ECCOM addresses the issue of audience development and the strategic use of digital tools to expand the opportunities for audiences to enjoy the works and to consolidate the bonds with them.

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