|2014 – 2016| Research and training activities on the principles of the sharing economy applied to the cultural system.

Aware of the great potential that the principles of the sharing economy (SE) have in the cultural system, Culture Action Europe (CAE) entrusted ECCOM with the preparation of training activities and tools for reflection on the principles of the SE that can be particularly effective within the cultural sector, where horizontal sharing and peer-to-peer relationships are privileged and whose potential resources are not fully and effectively exploited.
As part of the project, ECCOM carried out research to collect theories and references to build a conceptual framework for CAE members and to improve their ability to collaborate and share resources / knowledge; two seminars aimed at culture professionals in the context of the annual “Beyond the Obvious” conferences held in Newcastle in 2014 and in Gothenburg in 2015; and a toolkit based on desk research and on the results of the workshop that took place in Newcastle.

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