|2004| The tourist-cultural resources of the historic center of Quito are the subject of a recovery and enhancement plan.

ECCOM designs with Hydea a plan for the recovery and promotion of the tourist-cultural resources of the historic center of Quito in Ecuador, to relaunch the functional, economic and cultural role of the site included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
A critical analysis of the current condition and its prospects for cultural and social sustainable growth allows us to develop a project of institutional strengthening and development of skills within the municipality, to outline a policy of urban interventions for the requalification of  the area and the elimination of the most critical and problematic situations of degradation, to promote infrastructural enrichment and economic-entrepreneurial growth to be supported with technical assistance and with an appropriate system of financial incentives. For each action, pilot projects are identified in order to verify the feasibility of the interventions.The work leads to the development of a strategy for the development of sustainable cultural tourism in the historic center of Quito, involving  a communication plan and a careful economic and financial evaluation of the program.

Inter-American Development Bank


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