|2018| A training and experimentation path involving museum operators, cultural mediators, students and migrant communities in the evolution of the concept of reception from an idea to an intercultural practice.

MUA – Welcoming museum is promoted by the Department of Tourism and Cultural Industry of the Puglia Region through the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese. It involves the Biblio-Museum Poles of the provinces of Lecce and Brindisi in a training course to build innovative skills and practices to improve the accessibility to cultural heritage and to promote it among new citizens.
Eighteen museums become community centers: an important basis for the creation of a territorial network to share and discuss the themes of interculture and social sustainability.
Aimed at museum operators, university students, agencies involved in reception and foreign communities residing in Puglia, MUA seeks to develop skills to manage integration and dialogue between cultural and migrant institutions and aims to make cultural heritage a gateway to an active citizenship process.
Digital storytelling is the tool chosen to multiply the narratives of heritages and museums and to involve new audiences: ECCOM carries out training meetings for operators, called upon to produce short videos to narrate museums in a plural way and from new perspectives.
Two artist residences were carried out together with Collettivo NoMade and Alice Padovani who worked with the migrant communities of Lecce and Brindisi, experimenting with new creative and narrative methods and through the co-design of the exhibition of the Museo della Stampa of Lecce.
In addition to ECCOM, among the teachers there was also Simona Bodo, Maria Grazia Panigada, Rosanna Di Lella and Angela Trevisin.

Regione Puglia

Teatro Pubblico Pugliese


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Gruppo di lavoro

Maria Francesca Guida

Project Manager

Cristina Da Milano
Elisabetta Falchetti
Gianluca Petrillo

Partner di progetto

CIR - Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati
34° FUSO
Museo Sigismondo Castromediano
Museo Archeologico Francesco Ribezzo



MUA - Final video


MUA's narrations
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