Open house – Info session

about Open house – Info session

First Europe aims to bring prehistoric society closer to contemporary audiences by creating a dialogue between a unique European heritage and the performing arts. Starting from the archaeological site of the Mesolithic Lepenski Vir in Serbia, one of the oldest human settlements ever discovered in Europe, the project wants to reinterpret and actualize some aspects related to prehistoric life. Using art as a mediation tool, we will work on the following topics: 

– re-imagination of human impact on the environment; 

– rituals, as they are a feature of all known human societies; 

-Lepenski Vir’s cultural heritage, as characterized by unique stone sculptures and architecture. 

This is why we’re looking for artists to join our Test Residency, to work with the artistic leadership and core artists of the project on an intensive artistic creation that will be presented as a live performance at the end of the residency. The show will also be performed in Serbia, Hungary and Italy. 

For more information about the FirstEurope open call click here,  or join our OPEN HOUSE – INFO SESSION on the 22nd of February at 5 PM CET here https://fb.me/e/z8IHjPtBl

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