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about CONTESTED DESIRES: Constructive Dialogues – Creative space for democratic conversations

The launch of CONTESTED DESIRES: Constructive Dialogues was held in Rome on 25-26 January. Supported by the European Commission’s Creative Europe programme, the project aims to address the problematic legacy of European colonialism and its influence on contemporary culture through the work of artists and contemporary artistic production. 

CDCD stands out for its collaborative approach with communities and cultural venues. Through research, workshops, residencies, and exhibitions, the initiative aims to create new narratives on shared heritage, with a particular focus on interaction and learning. 

The first meeting, characterized by its hybrid nature, allowed participants, coming from countries with different histories and experiences with respect to the theme of colonialism, to connect virtually to follow the two days of activities. The detailed line-up included knowledge sessions on the organisations involved, discussions on project activities and timelines, insights into the Creative Europe framework, and much more. 

The debate was inaugurated by the President of ECCOM, Cristina Da Milano, with a warm welcome speech, followed by institutional greetings from the Museo delle civiltà. Figures such as Kieran Burns, Marzia Piccininno, Dani Martiri and Francisco Gracia Badiola have enriched the program with unique perspectives, addressing issues ranging from European history to gender issues and the LGBTQIA+ world in digital heritage. 

The event took place at the Museo delle civiltà in Rome, a “museum of museums” that brings together a wide range of collections, representing an ideal place for such a diversified dialogue. ECCOM, leader of the project, orchestrated the collaboration of an international consortium composed of D6:EU, Xarkis (Cyprus), Interarts and La Bonne (Spain), H401 and Creative Court (Netherlands), MUNHAC (Portugal), Pro Progressione (Hungary), La Fabrique (Tunisia), BJCEM (Belgium), MUCIV and the Egyptian Museum (Italy) as partners. D6 Culture in Transit (UK), European Capital of Culture Larnaka 2030 and The Art History and Theory Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus) are associated partners. Nubuke Foundation (Ghana), RCMG (United Kingdom) and MMHR (Cile) are subcontractors.

CONTESTED DESIRES: Constructive Dialogues presents itself as a dynamic platform for reflection and action, bringing together forces from different disciplines and cultures. The Museo della Civiltà in Rome, with its rich variety of collections, has provided the perfect context to start this path of exploration and cultural innovation that promises to leave a significant mark on the contemporary artistic and social landscape. 

For more information, visit the CDCD page. 

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