|2016-2019| ECCOM collaborates in the design, execution and evaluation of a communication and marketing plan for the cultural promotion of the sculptural complex of Mont’e Prama, with the aim of making the archaeological heritage accessible to all.

The three-year communication and marketing plan for the promotion of the sculptural complex of Mont’e Prama arises from the exchange with the cultural institutions where the heritage is located – the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, the Giovanni Marongiu Museum of Cabras, the archaeological area and the “Li Punti” Center for restoration of Sassari – and provides for the involvement of local communities and cultural operators, to create synergies and give life to a participatory process of strategic planning for the promotion of the heritage and for the creation of a shared audience development path.
A work on identity, on belonging, a reflection on which tools and experiences are useful for expanding, diversifying and improving the accessibility to cultural heritage.
The Plan takes concrete form in the development of a visual identity, the creation of a coordinated image and editorial products. A dedicated website and social account welcome new narratives around the sculptural complex and the territory, broadening their visibility. Social and educational tours are organized to encourage the involvement of subjects who can develop narrations, interpretations and perspectives.
The cultural and historical importance of Mont’e Prama leads to the inclusion of territorial animation actions in the Communication Plan: moments of discussion and exchange with all the stakeholders, participatory workshops, digital storytelling workshops with students of high schools of Cagliari and Oristano, narrative experiences of the Heroes of Mont’e Prama that open new horizons of reflection and lead to innovative and unusual readings of heritage.
The project consists of a coherent and homogeneous set of actions, which represents a repertoire of tools and formats that can be replicated in different contexts for the strengthening, consolidation and improvement of actions for the promotion of heritage.

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