Elisabetta Falchetti

Graduated in Natural Sciences at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, she has vast experience both in research and in the field. Elisabetta has worked at the Rome Zoo since 1984 and at the Civic Museum of Zoology in Rome as curator and head of the educational department since 1998. She has specialized in the interpretation and promotion of cultural and scientific heritage. She has dedicated herself to lifelong learning, teaching, and education and social dialogue, deeply convinced of the value and potential of culture in improving the quality of life for individuals, societies and the environment. Elisabetta has also taught at Italian universities, both undergraduate and graduate courses: ‘education and scientific communication’, ‘environmental education and sustainability’, ‘education, mediation, and museum communication’, ‘museology and naturalistic museography’, and ‘didactics of biology’. Additionally, she has also developed original plans and projects for school and professional training programs. Her current interests include studying the potential and the role that cultural heritage plays in education, socio-cultural inclusion, and individual, social and environmental sustainability; and the narration of heritage as an element of communication and inter-transcultural dialogue. Her research is conducted in collaboration with national and international agencies and institutions, and as part of the training activities she designs and implements. She is the author of many contributions and books in her specialization fields, and in particular on education, communication and museum mediation. Elisabetta is the Vice-President of the Associazione Nazionale Musei Scientifici.

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