A series of collective works to allow underrepresented communities to be involved within the Conference on the Future of Europe’s

A focus on Rome, Barcelona and Berlin to facilitate the involvement of the most vulnerable communities and their social and

Digital technology to involve younger audiences, migrants and communities with difficulties in accessing artistic and cultural heritage.

To preserve and transmit, through arts and culture, birth and maternity traditional knowledge and practices as part of European intangible

Paths to strengthen skills, guide and support young people in their paths of social reintegration.

Percorso rieducativo e di recupero emozionale e sociale per le detenute dell’Istituto di Pena Minorile di Casal del Marmo.

An audience development strategy to improve public involvement in the activities of the House of European History.

Photography, new media and digital communication in the training courses for young people in a situation of economic and social

Contemporary visual art as a shared language to reflect on the colonial past and its impact on the creation of

The Mercati di Traiano renews the relationship with communities, broadens the experience of the public, explores new possibilities for interpreting

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