MEMEX employs digital technology to engage communities at risk of exclusion from European cultural and social life.

ECCOM supports RIJEKA for the promotion of its role as Capital of Culture 2020.

Digital tools offer a new boost to puppet shows.

A training and experimentation path involving museum operators, cultural mediators, students and migrant communities.

An intercultural training path, focused on exploring the potential of culture in the relationship with diversity.

A cooperation project between artists, theaters, festivals and cultural organizations to support contemporary dramaturgy in Europe.

An app that enriches the experience of the Paestum Archaeological Park and involves new audiences.

Un progetto sistemico e integrato di promozione e valorizzazione dei patrimoni umano, culturale, naturalistico e ambientale.

Through artistic languages, Green Routes encourages mechanisms for the re-appropriation of the environment by local communities.

ECCOM collaborates in the cultural promotion of the sculptural complex of Mont’e Prama.

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