|2018 – 2019| An app that enriches the experience of the Paestum Archaeological Park and involves new audiences.

ECCOM supports the Paestum Archaeological Park in its commitment to enhance and promote knowledge of its heritage and surrounding areas: it develops a multimedia application in seven languages and in LIS, with customizable itineraries according to themes, duration and interests. An innovative technological solution, to expand the experience of using the Park and the public of the archaeological site.
After a preliminary classification of the type and quantity of monuments and findings to be included in the mediation tool, ECCOM creates a narrative that highlights links and information flows between the territory and the objects found in it and identifies the points of interest from which to develop the itineraries.
The app dialogues with existing cultural, social and physical accessibility tools. Flexible, dynamic and customizable, it is designed to support the relationship with the public and to evaluate their experience. Its contents (texts, images, audio) are elaborated in compliance with the inspiring principle of universal accessibility: usable by all, they are the result of a simplification that neither impoverishes nor trivializes.
The app is created in collaboration with the State Institute for the Deaf.

Paestum Archeological Park


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