How do I overcome your resistance? By challenging your mindset. And if my  reasoning is compelling/persuasive, you take one step forward . Resistance is the kind of reaction many of us have when facing something new – that “stranger” who arrives in our lives. I believe that this process of pushing through boundaries has always …

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With this term, Bauman describes the partly wistful quest for a past status quo as opposed to the search for the new which is inherent in Utopia. Retrotopia means looking to the past so as to be reassured about an uncertain, troublesome future, where our comfort zones seem threatened by an increasingly diverse world and …

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An element related to the organization of the duration of sound; linked in antiquity to poetic rhythm, thus resulting in the different durations of syllables, today it is recognised more so for its essentially psychological nature. It is at the heart of the organization of sounds and how these play a fundamental role in intercultural …

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In Laetoli, Tanzania, the fossil footprints of three hominids have been discovered. They date back to over 3.5 million years ago and are the oldest footprints of bipedal primates in history. But the first true walkers in history belong to the genus Homo and appeared about 2 million years ago. They migrated in search of …

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Although connected with the realm of empathy, this term merely implies we are able to mutually acknowledge the wounds of experience. It is not the same as actively getting closer to the Other, as acting together, but is the reciprocal awareness of a bond, a connection allowing us to preserve a sense of humanity. Everyone …



A term indicating both the physical-acoustic phenomenon produced by the vibrations of an elastic body transmitted in the surrounding environment, and its subjective effect consisting in the sensation produced by the solicitation of the auditory apparatus and by the conscious perception of the sensory impulse. Sound, the basic element of all music, is certainly fundamental …

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The added value given by intercultural planning is that of being able to create a third space in which all the subjectivities involved can be transformed through the encounter. Rather than continually thematise identity, difference, and making intercultural practice a mirror upon which “interculture” is reflected, co-planning can actually be the moment of creation for …

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The quality of sound that allows you to recognise the source. It is quite possible to establish a dialogue between cultures even starting from timbre. It is in fact clear that the timbre of membranophonic instruments for example is or can be transformed into a common ground from which to begin communication.


It can be understood as one of the many opposites of fear, a dangerously widespread attitude in our society. Instrumentalising fear is easy because it is composed of a myriad of different facets: fear of the foreigner, fear of terrorism, fear of the economic crisis, fear of every unknown man when I walk alone at …

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Value is a property of things, but different from that of colour or weight. In fact, the value of a thing derives substantially from the need or desires it is capable of satisfying. The greater this capacity is, the greater the value of the thing will be.Value is not a fixed and inherent property of …

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