The volume of sound is essentially linked to the amplitude of vibrations. To understand the ubiquity of the intercultural meanings in the attribution of certain intensities to sound, simply think of the difference between the opposite effects of shouting or quietly whispering.


It is a process (not an end!) that involves people from various cultures on an absolutely equal level. It is a generative process that from diversity creates beauty and sets new knowledge in motion. Promoting intercultural dialogue means knowing how to listen and recognise different points of view regarding the heritage that surrounds us. Intercultural …



Every change in theory is matched by some important metaphors. These provide us with the tools to understand and shape life, to see, think and act in new ways. In psychoanalysis, concepts such as analytic third, transitional spaces, inter-subjectivity, suggest that the encounter between two subjects can create something “third”, resulting from the combination of …

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Is the discipline that covers the organisation of durations and it is applicable to poetry, music and dance. There is certainly the possibility of establishing intercultural dialogue by also managing metric, initially as it relates to the choreographic articulation of dance, then to its accompanying poetic text, and accordingly to the music constructed around these …

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In intercultural projects, and in general with cultural activity, it is important to be clear about the urgency that drives us to propose and carry out the project, as well as the needs that one will encounter, in order not to risk entering into a dynamic of appropriation of the other and a sterile confirmation …

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Music, like verbal language delivers its own signs by means of sound substance. In the acoustic continuum (the set of all possible and audible sounds 16-20Hz/16000-20000Hz) music, like language, cuts out a limited range of phonemes which, taken in isolation, are not significant. Only from their aggregation do they develop discursively along the linear axis …

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This is a word that includes many others. Words and storytelling are the first tools that human beings invented to understand the world. In the same way, narrating one’s own story is a fundamental tool to give meaning to one’s life and experiences, often the latter become intelligible only after they have been communicated to …

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Is the study or practice of writing music for the individual instruments of an orchestra, or the arrangement for orchestra of a music written for another musical instrument or group. But it also means the art and technique of allocating and combining in the score the different instruments of an orchestra; it may also refer …


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