Cristina Da Milano Print

Educational history

After the degree in Archaeology (University of Rome), she has been awarded the Diploma of Fine and Decorative Arts from Antiquity to 1450 (Royal Society of Arts, London); the MA in Museum Studies (Department of Museum Studies, University of Leicester); the MA in Technological Instruments for the Economic Evaluation of Cultural and Environmental Heritage (University of Ferrara).

Employment history

She is a research fellow in the field of museum education and communication, with specific regard to the issue of culture as a means of social integration, subject on which she has published several papers.

From 1996 she is member of ECCOM (European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management) and in 2010 she became president of it.

As member of Eccom, she has been part of several research projects at a national and international level on the issue of the social role of museums and of lifelong learning processes within museums. She has also managed many European funded projects within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 such as “LLML-Lifelong Museum Learning” (2005-2006), “VoCH-Volunteers for Cultural Heritage” (2007-2009); “Museum education for young people” (2007-2009); “ITEMS-Innovative technologies for European Museum Strategies” (2010-2012); “MuseumMediators” (2012-2014); “DIAMOND-Dialoguing Museum for a New Cultural Democracy” (2012-2014); “Open All Areas” (2012-2014), as well as in the Culture 2007-2013 funded project “She-Culture” (2013-2015).

She lectures in many post-graduate courses and Masters.