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Eccom association not only intends to carry on in a strategic way the original Eccom's project, but it also embodies the vocation to the research approach, which represents the binding assumption to realize coherent and efficient projects.

One of the most important issues investigated by Eccom during the years is the social role of culture both as a means of integration and as a tool to promote lifelong learning and active participation of citizens.

In particular, Eccom operates within the field of museum education and communication, working for private and public institutions; in the last years, it and has been part of many European funded projects within the framework of the programmes Raffaello, Socrates and Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013.

Furthermore, Eccom has stimulated a continuous scientific dialogue within the cultural environment through the organizations of national workshops which have characterized Eccom's activity during the years, turning it into a reference point not only in the field of cultural management thanks to a specific focus on motivations, approaches and tools, but also with specific regard to the training of cultural managers.

During the last workshop in Rome in 2006, Eccom has presented the first Italian repertoire of the training opportunities in the field of cultural management.

According to its objectives, Eccom Association has implemented a documentation centre dedicated to cultural management, MAC.Doc, which will be soon opened to the public consultation.

Eccom Association is pat of important international networks, such as ICOM-International Council of Museums (Paris) and Culture Action Europe (Brussels).



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