Analysis of the Italian cultural sector
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Japan Tobacco International, Amsterdam (2009)

Eccom realized a critical analysis of the most important Italian cultural organizations, with the aim of selecting among museums, performing arts institutions and festivals potential beneficiaries of annual or pluriannual patronage.

The analysis has taken into account the institutional, financial and productive conditions, with specific reference to the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the public.

The analysis allowed the realization of a comparative framework of potential costs and benefits related to the patronage of the organizations, also in the light of the specific feature of the patronage institution.

The project has been co-ordinated by Michele Trimarchi. Members of the working group: Sara Annoni and Daniela Ivaldi.

European museums and Young People. A critical Enquiry
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UE-Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2009)

The project aimed at promoting studies and researches and at comparing and experimenting new activities and good practices in the field of museum art education projects addressed to young people (from 16 onwards).

The main concept underpinning the whole project is that museums – especially contemporary art ones –

are privileged places to start learning processes addressed to young people. Museums are places where it

is easier to acquire competences related for example to communication and team work, since they are not

submitted to the same rules and limitations of schools and universities. Furthermore, contemporary art –

approaching provoking and controversial issues – can help young people in under standing contemporary

society and culture, promoting at the same time active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

Seminars realized:

UK, 4-7 March 2008 (download the programme)
Sweden, 23-26 September 2008
Ireland, 24-27 February 2009
Portugal, 21-24 April 2009
Italy 23-26 June 2009

Responsible of the project for Eccom: Martina De Luca. Members of the working group: Cristina Da Milano, Giulia Franchi, Matilde Amaturo, Fabiana Verdolini, Alessandra Intraversato.


Partners of the project: Fundación Serralves (PT), IBC - Istituto beni culturali Emilia Romagna (IT), IMMA (IR), Riksutställningar, SI, Towner Art Gallery, UK.

The Italian institution which has co-operated with Eccom and IBC are:

1.Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma (Educational Department)

2.Department of experimental Paedagogy, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

3.Istituto Beni Culturali Emilia Romagna, Bologna

4.MAMBO, Museo d'arte moderna, Bologna

5.Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Turin

Collect & Share
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UE - Socrates Grundtvig (2002-2004)

The Collect & Share programme was based on a new consortium of European museum, gallery and adult learning networks, agencies and institutions. Funded through the European Commission's 'Socrates' programme, it has a particular emphasis on projects to benefit people who may be disadvantaged in society.

Collect & Share was a project about lifelong learning in Europe. Its main focus was on collecting and sharing projects relating to art galleries or museums, or involving artists (visual artists or others). Its aim was to promote good practice in learning and education for adults (age 16 or over) in or with museums, galleries, visual arts venues and practitioners.


Partners of the project:

· Engage for the Visual Arts, UK (project leader);

· Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Denmark;

· Louvre, France;

· Museum of Modern Art of Lubljana, Slovenia;

· Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland;

· Kulturråd / National Council for Culture, Sweden;

· European Museum Forum;

· Istituto per i Beni Artistici, Bologna, Italia;

· Association of industrial museums, Portugal;

· Niace, UK;

Associated partner:

· Eccom, Centro Europeo per l'Organizzazione e il Management Culturale, Italia.
Communicating the Heritage
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Unesco (2007-2008)

Eccom has developed - in co-operation with the University of Milan IULM and UNESCO - a training course called "Communicating the Heritage - Training Programme for Enhancing Public Communication Capacities of the Institutions Responsible for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Heritage", addressed to employees and managers of cultural Ministries of Eastern European countries.

In charge of the project for Eccom: Michele Trimarchi. Members of the working group: Cristina Da Milano, Marco Meneguzzo, Alessandro Papini.

Study of sustainable financing mechanism for cultural investments, institutions and activities
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World Bank - Icare (2000 – 2001)

The project consisted in the elaboration of a critical taxonomy of funding mechanisms for cultural investments; analysis of their impact upon the degree of sustainability of cultural projects; examination of thirty case studies from various areas, typology, ownership, management and financing. It ended up with the realisation of a Report and Guidelines for projecting, financing, realising and monitoring culture-based projects.


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