The cultural and creative district of Cádiz (CLICC Cádiz) Print
Interarts Foundation, Barcelona (2011)

Cultural enterprises have the potential of creating values and identities by integrating cultural, economic and technological aspects; furthermore, they characterize a new economy based on creativity and innovation.

For these reasons, cultural industries have become increasingly important not only as engine of produvction but also as strategical elements for the social and economic development of societies. This developmnet process depends not only on the volume of the production but also on the organization systems characterizing the different actors participating in this process.

Within this framework, the government of Andalusia, recognizing the complex and multidimensional role of culture and the importance of cultural industries in the development of the region, has decided to implement a series of actions as part of the Cultural Strategic Plan aimed at strengthening the cultural sector.

Cádiz represents a relevant area due to economic and geo-strategic issues, which justify the planning and implementation of a cultural an creative district (Cluster de las Industrias Creativo Culturales de Cádiz-CLICC Cádiz) accordingly to the broader Plan para la Mejora de la Competitividad y el Desarrollo de la Bahía de Cádiz 2007 – 2013, whose objectives are fostering the development of industrial activities in the area, improving their competitivity, assuring their diversification and opening the productive system to new sectors.

The government of Andalucia has decided to realize the project in co-operation with the Interarts Foundation of Barcelona, which will be supported by the University of Cadiz and Eccom, whose role is that of providing an analysis of international case studies in order to identify good practices related to the development of creative industries and the best policies in order to implement the project in Andalusia.

Project co-ordinator: Giulio Stumpo