European Museums and Young People. A critical Enquiry Print

UE-Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2009)

The project aimed at promoting studies and researches and at comparing and experimenting new activities and good practices in the field of museum art education projects addressed to young people (from 16 onwards).

The main concept underpinning the whole project is that museums – especially contemporary art ones – are privileged places to start learning processes addressed to young people. Museums are places where it is easier to acquire competences related for example to communication and team work, since they are not submitted to the same rules and limitations of schools and universities. Furthermore, contemporary art – approaching provoking and controversial issues – can help young people in under standing contemporary society and culture, promoting at the same time active citizenship and intercultural dialogue.

Seminars realized:

  1. UK,  4-7 March 2008 
  2. Sweden, 23-26 September 2008
  3. Ireland, 24-27 February 2009
  4. Portugal,  21-24 April 2009
  5. Italy 23-26 June 2009

Responsible of the project for Eccom:  Martina De Luca. Members of the working group: Cristina Da Milano, Giulia Franchi, Matilde Amaturo, Fabiana Verdolini, Alessandra Intraversato.


Fundación Serralves (PT), IBC - Istituto beni culturali Emilia Romagna (IT), IMMA (IR), Riksutställningar, SI, Towner Art Gallery, UK .

The Italian institutions which hasve co-operated with Eccom and IBC are:

1.Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma (Educational Department)

2.Department of experimental Paedagogy, University of Rome  “La Sapienza”

3.Istituto Beni Culturali Emilia Romagna, Bologna

4.MAMBO, Museo d’arte moderna, Bologna

5.Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Turin